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Lit. E. Garcias / Lit. Bano - Como se juega a Foot-ball

Como se juega a Foot-ball
Lit. E. Garcias / Lit. Bano
25 cards

Like many sets issued in Spain during the 1920s this set can be found with many different issuers detailed on the backs of the cards. I've shown a few here for reference purposes. If you know of any others not listed below, please gte in touch.

J.M. Arnau, Barcelona
J.M. Arnau, Barcelona / Chocolate Angelica
J.M. Arnau, Barcelona / Chocolates Torras (Gerona)
Lit. Bañó
Lit. Bañó / Chocolates Riucord
Lit. Bano / Fábrica de Chocolate / Sebastián Prat
E. Garcés
E. Garcés / Grandes Almacenes Ray-Dor
E. Garcés / Chocolates A. Borrás
E. Garcés / Chocolates Elefante, F. Díez
E. Garcés / Chocolates Guillén
E. Garcés / Chocolate E. Juncosa
E. Garcés / Chocolates Nuestra Sra. de la Salud, José Planells, Valencia
E. Garcés / Chocolates Ribes, Valencia
E. Garcés / Chocolates Colón

1.  Alcántara y Zamora
2.  Distribución del campo
3.  La carga
4.  Puntapié libre o golpe franco (Free kick)
5.  Conduciendo la pelota
6.  Tocar la pelota con la mano (Fould)
7.  Un saque de rincón (Corner-kick)
8.  La espuela
9.  Salida por las líneas de lado
10.  Jugador fuera de juego (Off-Side)
11.  Infracción dentro del área …(Penalty)
12.  El ataque de la línea delantera
13.  Pasar el balón …(Combinar)
14.  Campanear un contrario (Fould)
15.  El Centro delantero
16.  El medio defensor
17.  La misión de los medios
18.  La seguridad de los defensores
19.  El portero o guardameta
20.  Ataque al portero
21.  Desviando el balón
22.  Dando al balón con el puño
23.  Carga violenta
24.  La zancadilla
25.  Goal

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Unknown issuer - Footballers

Unknown issuer
Unknown number

These three illustrations obviously come from the same source from around the 1923-1925 period.  Yews joined West Ham United in 1923 and Hardy left Stockport County for Everton in 1925. I have been unable to identify where they come from, possibly from a larger sheet.

H. Hardy (Stockport County)
M. Joyce (Darlington)
T.P. Yews (West Ham United)

Upper Deck - 2011 Goodwin Champions

2011 Goodwin Champions
Upper Deck
200+ cards (9 Footballers)

The 2014 edition of Upper Deck's Goodwin Champions only included two footballers - Sydney Leroux and Mattias Sindelar. The 2011 collection was the first to include sporting celebrities other than baseball stars and included nine footballers - 6 women and 3 men.

2011 Goodwin Champions - Base set

PARALLEL - Silver Foil Mini
PARALLEL - Black Border Red Backed Lady Luck Mini
PARALLEL - Black -Bordered Magician Mini /9
PARALLEL - Gold -Bordered Presidential Mini /1
PARALLEL - Printing Plate - Black
PARALLEL - Printing Plate - Cyan
PARALLEL - Printing Plate - Magenta
PARALLEL - Printing Plate - Yellow 
PARALLEL - Mini - Printing Plate - Black
PARALLEL - Mini - Printing Plate - Cyan
PARALLEL - Mini - Printing Plate - Magenta
PARALLEL - Mini - Printing Plate - Yellow

14.  Abby Wambach

18.  Brandi Chastain
51.  Hope Solo
58.  Mia Hamm
66.  Landon Donovan
107.  Kasey Keller
118.  Dwayne De Rosario
132.  Christine Sinclair
173.  Amy Rodriguez

2011 Goodwin Champions - Autograph Cards

A-AW.  Abby Wambach

A-DDR.  Dwayne De Rosario
A-HA.  Mia Hamm
A-HS.  Hope Solo
A-KK.  Kasey Keller
A-LD.  Landon Donovan

2011 Goodwin Champions - Memorabilia Cards

M-AW.  Abby Wambach

M-DDR.  Dwayne De Rosario
M-HO.  Hope Solo
M-KK.  Kasey Keller
M-LD.  Landon Donovan

2011 Goodwin Champions - Dual Memorabilia Cards

M2-LD.  Landon Donovan

2011 Goodwin Champions - Figures of Sport (Die-Cut Cards)

FS-3.  Mia Hamm

FS-9.  Landon Donovan

Winning Moves / Top Trumps - The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding
Winning Moves / Top Trumps
30 cards

For completists only!! I won't bore you with the complete list.

David Beckham
Victoria Beckham

Pepsi (Mexico) - Vive Hoy ~ Pepsi Futbol (2)

Vive Hoy ~ Pepsi Futbol
36 stickers

Alex from Mexico has sent in photos of all the pages of this album, they're a little fuzzy but very interesting. The original checklist can be found here - Pepsi (Mexico) - Vive Hoy ~ Pepsi Futbol