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Sega / Panini - World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2013-2014 (02) - Extra cards

World Club Champion Football Intercontinental Clubs 2013-2014 ~ Extra cards
Sega / Panini
20 Extra cards

Here are details of 20 Extra cards issued through magazines like World Soccer King and Soccer Game King.

EXTRA.  Iker Casillas (Real Madrid)
EXTRA.  Edin Džeko (Manchester City)
EXTRA.  Sami Khedira (Real Madrid)
EXTRA.  Stevan Jovetic (Manchester City)
EXTRA.  Ryo Miyaichi (Arsenal)
EXTRA.  Mario Gomez (ACF Fiorentina)
EXTRA.  Paolo Cannavaro (SSC Napoli)
EXTRA.  Javier Zanetti (FC Internazionale Milan)
EXTRA11.  Inigo Martinez (Spain)
EXTRA11.  Marcell Jansen (Germany)
EXTRA11.  Antoine Griezumann (France)
EXTRA11.  Carles Puyol (Spain)
ARS-EXT.  Rodrigo Palacio (Argentina)
BAN-EXT.  Roman Weidenfeller (Borussia Dortmund)
BES-EXT.  Radja Nainggolan (Belgium)
BRS-EXT.  Hulk (Brazil)
ENS-EXT.  Theo Walcott (England)
GES-EXT.  Marco Reus (Germany)
ITS-EXT.  Antonio Cassano (Italy)
SPS-EXT.  Juan Mata (Spain)
SPS-EXT.  David Villa (Spain)

EXTRA.  イケル・カシージャス
EXTRA.  エディン・ジェコ
EXTRA.  サミ・ケディラ
EXTRA.  ステバン・ヨベティッチ
EXTRA.  リョウ・ミヤイチ
EXTRA.  マリオ・ゴメス
EXTRA.  パオロ・カンナバーロ
EXTRA.  ハビエル・サネッティ
EXTRA11.  イニゴ・マルティネス
EXTRA11.  マルセル・ヤンゼン
EXTRA11.  アントワーヌ・グリーズマン
EXTRA11.  カルレス・プジョル
ARS-EXT.  ロドリゴ・パラシオ
BAN-EXT.  ロマン・バイデンフェラー
BES-EXT.  ラジャ・ナインゴラン
BRS-EXT.  フッキ
ENS-EXT.  セオ・ウォルコット
GES-EXT.  マルコ・ロイス
ITS-EXT.  アントニオ・カッサーノ
SPS-EXT.  ファン・マタ
SPS-EXT.  ダビド・ビジャ

Carrefour / Panini - Belgian Red Devils - Update Brazilië/Brésil 2014

Belgian Red Devils - Update Brazilië/Brésil 2014
Carrefour / Panini
20 stickers

An update album and 20 stickers was issued after the World Cup ended. Here's an illustrated checklist, though I don't know the numbering sequence or the correct descriptions for the stickers.

Team Photo 1
Team Photo 2
Team Photo 3
Romelu Lukaku and Axel Witsel
Players Celebrate 1
Players Celebrate 2
Player kicking the ball
Thibaut Courtois and Abdelmoumene Djabou (Algeria)
Daniel Van Buyten and Divock Origi
Adnan Januzaj v South Korea
Players Celebrate
Eden Hazard v Argentina
Romelu Lukaku, Marouane Fellaini and Kevin De Bruyne
Eden Hazard
Vincent Kompany
Marouane Fellaini and Divock Origi
Jan Vertonghen
Toby Alderweireld and Lionel Messi (Argentina)
Marouane Fellaini
Kevin De Bruyne

Carrefour - #Tousensemble Road to France 2016 SoccerStarz


#Tousensemble Road to France 2016 SoccerStarz
24 figures

The figures will be available to buy at €2.50 each. From 6 May the packets of 3 cards will also include a Belgian Red Devils SoccerStarz sticker, collect 3 stickers to get a 50% reduction in the price of theSoccerStarz.


De Bruyne
+ 12

1.FC Heidenheim - 1.FC Heidenheim Autogrammkarten (2014-15)


1.FC Heidenheim Autogrammkarten
1.FC Heidenheim
29 cards

Paule (Maskottchen)

Raaf (Co-Trainer)
Schmidt (Trainer)
Wend (Torwart-Trainer)
Wohlrab (Athletik-Trainer)
1.  Zimmermann
4.  Malura
5.  Wittek
6.  Reinhardt
7.  Schnatterer
8.  Heise
9.  Morabit
11.  Mayer
13.  Leipetz
14.  Scioscia
16.  Göhlert
18.  Griesbeck
19.  Riese
20.  Bagceci
22.  Janzer
23.  Kraus
25.  Körber
26.  Titsch-Rivero
27.  Vitzthum
29.  Strauß
31.  Niederlechner
33.  Beermann
34.  Sattelmaier
39.  Grimaldi

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Panini - Adrenalyn XL Road to UEFA Euro 2016 (05) - Limited Editions

Adrenalyn XL Road to UEFA Euro 2016
20 LE's

This is an attempt to recorded an illustrated checklist of all the Limited Edition cards. I don't have the wherewithall to list all the various releases and the products they come with. Check out the following link to the Football Card Forum where they guys do a great job of listing how they are issued -
19 cards are shown here at the moment, some aren't very good pictures and will be upgraded when better ones become available. If new cards are released they'll be added in the appropriate position in this checklist.

Limited Edition

Eden Hazard (Belgique/België)  -  Strike It magazine #48
Nicklas Bendtner (Danmark)
Mario Götze (Deutschland)
Manuel Neuer (Deutschland)  -  Strike It magazine #50
Wayne Rooney (England)  -  Starter Pack
Daniel Sturridge (England)
Diego Costa (España)  -  Starter Pack
Cesc Fabregas (España)
Karim Benzema (France)
Paul Pogba (France)  -  Starter Pack
Andrea Pirlo (Italia)  -  Strike It magazine #49
Martin Ödegaard (Norge)
Per Ciljan Skjelbred (Norge)
Robert Lewandowski (Polska)
Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal)  -  Starter Pack
Niklas Moisander (Suomi)
Teemu Pukki (Suomi)
Zlatan Ibrahimović (Sverige)  -  Strike It magazine #51
Ola Toivonen (Sverige)
Xherdan Shaqiri (Switzerland)

La Vache Qui Rit / Panini - 25 Champions de la Coupe du Monde 86 (02)


25 Champions de la Coupe du Monde 86
Laughing Cow Cheese / La Vache Qui Rit / Panini
25 stickers

Makhno has very kindly sent in a complete illustrated checklist of the stickers in this collection.

1.  Amoros (France)
2.  Ayache (France)
3.  Bats (France)
4.  Battiston (France)
5.  Bellone (France)
6.  Bossis (France)
7.  Fernandez (France)
8.  Giresse (France)
9.  Le Roux (France)
10.  Platini (France)
11.  Rocheteau (France)
12.  Stopyra (France)
13.  Tigana (France)
14.  Toure (France)
15.  Conti (Italy)
16.  Dassaev (Russia)
17.  Gordillo (Spain)
18.  Jordao (Portugal)
19.  Krimau (Morocco)
20.  Larsen (Denmark)
21.  Medjer (Algeria)
22.  Maradona (Argentina)
23.  Rummenigge (West Germany)
24.  Vercauteren (Belgium)
25.  Zico (Brazil)

Newcastle Battalion Memorial Fund - Newcastle United F.C. 1914-1915

Newcastle United F.C. 1914-1915
Newcastle Battalion Memorial Fund
1 poster

Jimmy Gibbons has sent in scans of a posted distributed at the Newcastle United game against Arsenal on 21 March, 2015.
It shows the team with two players who were killed during the war and one who was wounded and never played football again. The rear of the poster details a football game between the Northumberland Fusiliers and Bath City. The cadets raised over £2000 for the memorial fund.

Newcastle United F.C. 1914-1915