Friday, 18 April 2014

Sheffield Telegraph Football Guide - SHE-050 Sheffield Wednesday F.C.


SHE-050 Sheffield Wednesday F.C.
Sheffield Telegraph Football Guide
1 known

Only one player known to exist.

Harry Johnson (Sheffield United's Centre-Forward)

Guinness - Moments of Pure Genius (Beermats)


Moments of Pure Genius (Beermats)

A set of four beermats issued by Guinness some time in the 1990s.

1.  David O'Leary

2.  Niall Quinn
3.  Ronnie Whelan
4.  Kevin Sheedy

Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards 2009 - Champions of World Sports


Champions of World Sports
Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards 2009
20 so far

A multi-sport collection.

George Best (Northern Ireland)

Johan Cruyff (Netherlands)
Bobby Moore (England) and Gerd Muller (West Germany)

Other sports

Hank Aaron (Baseball)

Mickey Mantle (Baseball)
Muhammad Ali (Boxing)
Floyd Patterson (Boxing)
Don Bradman (Cricket)
Colin Cowdrey (Cricket)
Imran Khan (Cricket)
Graham Hill (Motor Racing)
James Hunt (Motor Racing)
Mike Hailwood (Motorcycle Racing)
Arnold Palmer (Golf)
Bobby Jones (Golf)
Bobby Orr (Ice Hockey)
Arthur Ashe (Tennis)
Bjorn Borg (Tennis)
Chris Evert (Tennis)
Billie-Jean King (Tennis)

Topps India - Indian Premier League

2011-12, 2012-13
Indian Premier League
Unknown number

Kalyan Negal has been in touch, sending in the two scans shown above. They are similar to the Match Attax cards issued in the United Kingdom in 2011-12 and 2012-13, but feature players from the I-League (Indian Premier League). Does anyone have any further information?


209.  Baichung Bhutia (East Bengal)


69.  Sunil Chhetri (Sporting Club de Portugal B)

Kellogg's - World Football Stars / Kellogg's A-Z of World Football

World Football Stars
Unknown number

Issued somewhere in the Arab world, an unknown number of cards issued to collect in a special album called Kellogg's A-Z of World Football. It would be great to hear from anyone who can provide further details about this collection.

Johan Cruyff  يوهان كرويف

Anglo-American Chewing Gum - ANG-355/ANE-24 Strange World

ANG-355/ANE-24 Strange World
Anglo-American Chewing Gum
72 (1 Football)

There's only one football related wrapper in this collection, which is highlighted in the illustration above.

1.  How Long Do Things Live
2.  non football
3.  Giant Water Lily
4.  Gravity
5.  President Roosevelt
6.  Fast and Slow Animals
7.  Zebra, Polar Bear
8.  non football
9.  Tall Cactus, Bridge
10.  Memory Man, Strength
11.  Empire State Building
12.  Flying Fish
13.  The Sphinx
14.  Strange Animals
15.  Coconuts travel across Oceans
16.  non football
17.  Barrell Jumping
18.  Eating most
19.  Strangling Tree
20.  Football, running
21.  Farid Ed Din
22.  Pitcher Plant, Plant without Roots
23.  Karl von Humboldt, T.H.  Horne
24.  Witch Tree, Waterfalls
25.  Largest Hat, Largest Sculpure
26.  Historic Tree
27.  Lake, Blows Bibbles
28.  Pipe, Face Slapping
29.  Pigeon, Gnu, Snakes
30.  Painted Fingernails
31.  Blind Justice
32.  Log Rolling
33.  Honduras
34.  Seven Little Sisters
35.  Father of 582
36.  Their Names are their Fortunes
37.  Perfume, Horn Eaters
38.  Biggest Shoe
39.  Scotland Yard / Sherlock Holmes
40.  One legged boxer, armless painter
41.  non football
42.  Acrobatics at 9750 feet
43.  Fought Dual 2100 times
44.  Champion Juggler, Nose Flute
45.  Just Not True - Numbers, Weights
46.  Wrestling, Running around the Clock
47.  Starling - Arson
48.  Penguins, Pollution
49.  Louise Elisabeth Vaughan
50.  Golden Temple, Great Wall of China
51.  1913 Derby - Suffragette
52.  non football
53.  245 Muscles to Sneeze, Cangue
54.  Physical Laws
55.  non football
56.  Stars and Stripes
57.  Ships, Rafts
58.  Picture Quiz
59.  Piano Playing, Bear
60.  Joe Louis, Etc (Boxing)
61.  Brahms Lullaby, Desert Story
62.  Alphabet Diagram
63.  Postman, Frogs
64.  Signature, Magic Square (Numbers)
65.  George Tilton, Igloo
66.  Arne Nicolaisen
67.  B&W Puzzle, Heaviest Woman
68.  Fish with 2 Mouths, Giant Pike
69.  Good Luck, Mollie the Cow
70.  La Madonna Della Sedia - Raphael
71.  Bamboo, Joe Ajello
72.  Stilts, Coloured Egg Yokes

Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards 2009 - Football League Stars

Football League Stars
Caplin & Rosetti / Score Cards 2009
60 so far

Another collection of Score cards, these are unnumbered, which is a shame, and will be listed alphabetically by club and surname...

Steve Archibald (Aberdeen)

Jack Howarth (Aldershot)
Colin Gibson (Aston Villa)
Jimmy Greaves (Barnet)
Franz Beckenbauer (Bayern Munich)
Roger Hynd (Birmingham City)
Roy Gater (Bournemouth)
Paul Bence (Brentford)
Bobby Ross (Brentford)
Mel Hopkins (Brighton and Hove Albion)
Ray Pointer (Burnley)
Colin Waldron (Burnley)
Joe Dean (Carlisle United)
Billy McNeill (Celtic)
Petar Borota (Chelsea)
David Hay (Chelsea)
John Hollins(Chelsea)
Kenny Swain (Chelsea)
Charlie Cooke (Crystal Palace)
Gerry Francis (Crystal Palace)
Gerry Queen (Crystal Palace)
Brian Wood (Crystal Palace)
Mixu Paatelainen (Dundee United)
Hugh Robertson (Dunfermline Athletic)
Lev Yashin (Dynamo Moscow)
Johan Cruyff (Feyenoord)
Willy Polland (Hearts)
Chris Shevlane (Hearts)
Dick Krzywicki (Huddersfield Town) wearing Wales kit
Tony Leighton (Huddersfield Town)
Frank Worthington (Huddersfield Town)
Dennis Butler (Hull City)
Jimmy Case (Liverpool)
Alan Kennedy (Liverpool)
Fred Jardine (Luton Town)
John Fitzpatrick (Manchester United)
Denis Law (Manchester United)
Liam O'Kane (Manchester United) wearing Northern Ireland kit
Paul Gascoigne (Newcastle United)
Mark Draper (Notts County)
Roger Palmer (Oldham Athletic)
Trevor Anderson (Peterborough United)
Tony Hazell (Queens Park Rangers)
Tony Currie (Queens Park Rangers)
Roy Wegerle (Queens Park Rangers)
Dave Bacuzzi (Reading)
John Chapman (Reading)
Mike Channon (Southampton)
Ivan Golac (Southampton)
Jacky Copland (St. Mirren)
Dave Hilley (Third Lanark)
Cyril Knowles (Tottenham Hotspur)
Alan Mullery (Tottenham Hotspur)
Jimmy Neighbour (Tottenham Hotspur)
Terry Venables (Tottenham Hotspur)
Pat Nevin (Tranmere Rovers)
Derek Statham (West Bromwich Albion)
Romeo Zondervan (West Bromwich Albion)
Emlyn Hughes (Wolverhampton Wanderers)
Peter Knowles (Wolvehampton Wanderers)